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SUNDAY 22ND September 2024


In the event the Eisteddfod needs to be cancelled due to a lockdown a full refund will be given to all competitors.

No refunds or credits will be given to entrants who are sick or not able to perform on the day after you have entered. 

Microphones will be cleaned and sanitised in between all singers.

Please do not perform on the day if you're sick.



The organisers reserve the right to combine sections if there are less than 5 competitors.

Singers must compete their own age group- no singing in the older sections is allowed.

(Unless sections are combined by the convener)


Competitors must be ready to perform one section before their own.


They must check in at the front desk with their music and song details and must be ready to perform in your program order.


No out of section singing is allowed. Once the final competitor has sung, the section will be closed. All fees paid are non refundable if you miss your section. Please arrive at the start of the session. We do not take responsibility for competitors missing their section.


No refunds will be given under any circumstances once entries have been submitted.


Late entries will be accepted (if not full) with a $10 late fee. 


CHAMPIONSHIPS- To qualify for the Championship section you must compete in at least two other Solo (2) sections. Song choice can be any genre but singers must not repeat a song in the Championship section.




MUSIC- Must be supplied via Dropbox prior to the competition.


No Backing vocals on the music track are allowed.



3.5 Minute 11 & Under, Jazz Blues Sections & Junior Championship 

4 minute 12-14 Years, 15 & Over & Senior Championship


A cordless microphone is available for all solo sections.

Guitar accompaniment is allowed. A Guitar lead will be provided. There is no piano or keyboard at the venue. 


No inappropriate language is to be used in any song from any aged competitor. Disqualification may occur. If you are unsure please check with the organisers before competition day.




1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in any section will receive a Trophy Prize. (If there are 6 or less competitors in a section a 1st place will be given and the rest of the awards are at the judges discretion).

The adjudicator may also award Highly Commended Ribbons.

Championship is 1 song only.


Junior Championship 12 Years & Under


Senior Championship 13 years & Over

Prizes are donated by sponsors and are subject to change.


Each performer will receive an AUDIO Adjudication report and mark out of 100 emailed in the few days after the event. 


The adjudicator’s decision is final. No competitor or spectator is to approach the adjudicator under any circumstance.


If only a small amount of competitors report for the section the Adjudicator can award the places at their discretion. A 1st place is not guaranteed.


Entrants must not have been coached by the adjudicator in any form including workshops, group classes, private lessons for at least 2 years.



You will be marked on the following criteria:


Vocal Tone, Singing Technique, Stage presence, Presentation, Performance ability, Song Choice and Star Quality!




Please turn off all mobile phones out of respect for all competitors.


Props are the responsibility of the owner. Props must be removed from the stage by a parent/ helper and placed at the back of the auditorium when not in use.


Absolutely no filming or recording of any performers will be tolerated.


No responsibility will be taken for lost items or injuries sustained by competitors or visitors.


Organisers reserve the right to decide on matters not covered in these rules. Their decisions are final.


This competition is open to amateurs up to the age of 21 only. People earning a Full Time living from singing are unable to compete.


The $10 Admin fee is compulsory for each invoice. This fee includes a copy of the program emailed to you and APRA fees. 


All competitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while in the venue.


Championship prizes are subject to sponsorship.


By entering this competition you are agreeing to all of the rules stated above.

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